Homeowner Responsibilities

Here is a summary of the homeowner obligations as written in the Haverhill Master Agreement, listing page in the PDF in parenthesis, e.g.: (51).  Please feel to download your own copy of the entire PDF from the Download Documents page.   This is not an exhaustive list, and is subject to change by the Homeowner Association Board.  When not specifically stated in the Master Agreement, additional Rules and Regulation have been established by the Board per Article VI, Section 10 of the Master Agreement in order to support the Aesthetics and Safety clauses (50).

When writing to the board under any items listed below where permission is required, (board@haverhillnovi.com), please allow 30 days for the board to reach any decision.  Please limit the number of follow-up emails as it sometimes takes our unpaid and busy board members time to discuss and reach an agreement!  Please, no phone calls as it is important that all board members see all requests!

All homeowners agreed to abide by these items when signing the Haverhill Master Agreement when purchasing their home. Please email board@haverhillnovi.com with any questions, and a board member will get in touch with you.

  1. No commercial activities are allowed (46). No commercial vehicles may be parked unless in a garage (50) except during pickup and delivery, or as services are rendered.
  2. No recreational vehicles, trailers, or any vehicle other than passenger vehicles (autos, vans, SUVs) without advertising may be parked unless in a garage (50).
  3. No live trees may be removed without Board approval larger than 6 inches in diameter, measured at 42 inches from ground. No live trees of any size may be removed from the common areas unless approved by the Board (49).
  4. Removal of dead trees and large dead tree branches is required, especially when endangering a home (52,55).  This is the responsibility of the homeowner on whose lot the tree is planted.
  5. Homes and grounds must be kept well maintained and attractive . Exterior siding must be kept in good repair.  Rust residue from irrigation is not allowed. No brush or weeds are allowed to accumulate on homeowner property, other than in natural treed areas abutting condominium protected wildlife parks. No landscaping or construction materials or firewood are allowed to be stored outside.(49)
  6. No lawn ornaments, statues, or sculptures of any kind are allowed. (49)
  7. Changes and additions to landscaping, driveways, walkways, decks, patios, and any other exterior elements must be pre-approved by the Board. (54)
  8. Nothing may be added or removed in the common areas. Do not mow, cut, or remove anything in a common area without written permission of the board.  Do not plant or add any architectural feature in a common area without written permission of the board (51).
  9. The exterior color or appearance of any Residence and any other improvements within a Unit shall not be constructed or changed without the prior written specific approval of the board. (5)
  10. Reception dishes with a diameter larger than 1 meter are not allowed . See further for acceptable placement, color, etc. (88).
  11. Dog kennels and similar shelters are not allowed (51).
  12. Outbuildings and other structures are not allowed (51).
  13. In-ground pools are not allowed without the written approval of the Board and with a permit from the City of Novi. Above-ground pools are not allowed (51).
  14. Fences and walls are not allowed without written consent of the Board. No fences or walls of any kind near the lot line will be allowed by the Board. Fences allowed by the Board must also be erected with a permit from the City of Novi (51).
  15. Basketball hoops must meet guidelines, including: Ground mounted on a post at minimum 30′ from curb and 5′ from the side of unit. The ground mounted post must be painted black and the backboard must be clear (50).
  16. No animals may be kept other than household pets (49). Savage, noisy, or unsanitary pets are not allowed. Pets must be kept on leash and supervised when in a common area.
  17. Sidewalks must be cleared of snow within a reasonable time.  Please refrain from parking in the street after a snowstorm to allow for snow removal by the City (city ordinance).
  18. Sidewalks must not be blocked by parked cars (city ordinance).