Board and City Contact Information

Our email address is

This is the email address for any questions and suggestions you would like addressed to the Haverhill Homeowner Association Board.  Emails to this address are automatically seen by all Board members.  We request no phone calls on any issues because we are busy folks and it is important that all board members be copied on all requests and questions pertinent to the board.

  • Questions or suggestions on social events, safety and aesthetic issues, or homeowner responsibilities
  • Approvals for tree removals, and landscape and exterior changes.  Please allow 30 days for the board to reach any decision.  Please limit the number of follow-up emails as it sometimes takes our busy board members time to discuss and reach an agreement!
  • Realtor/bank closing queries

Please give the above email address to your bank when refinancing, and to your realtor when selling your home. Please also inform them that the Haverhill board does not accept phone calls from banks and realtors concerning closing issues.


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